Film & Television Production Services

Stages, Facilities & Equipment

We have relationships with all the major & local vendors:

– Troy Studios
– Ardmore Studios
– Production & Post Production Facilities
– Sourcing camera packages
– Lighting & grip houses


We can budget productions of any scale:

– From script material.
– Adjust existing budget templates for Irish production assumptions.


We have an extensive database of location images for:

– Urban Areas
– Rural Locations
– Coastal Regions
– Period Architecture
– Castle Locations
– Landscapes

Irish tax credit

Ireland’s production tax credit is one of the most competitive
credits in Europe at 32% on all eligible Irish expenditure.
The key info points are:

  • – €70 million per project cap
  • – No annual limit
  • – International cast and crew working in Ireland qualify
  • – Available on all goods and services sourced in Ireland

We can advise on eligible expenditure when budgeting Ireland and manage the application for the tax credit to the department of revenue.

international co-production

We have expertise in International Co-Production treaties with:

– Canada
– Australia
– Europe